Noted here are Jacobs who have graduated to the Dictionary of National Biography, Boase's Dictionary of Biography and Who's Who, as also specialist biographies.

Sir Abraham Jacob, knight , governor of Walmer Castle, in Kent (c 1630-1706).

Alaric Jacob (1909-1995), author, journalist and war correspondent.

Archibald Hamilton Jacob MD (1829-1900) Australian politician.

Arthur Jacob (1790-1884), the first Irish ocular pathologist, descended from the Jacobs of Horseheath.

Major-General Arthur Legrand Jacob CB, CMG, CIE, CBE, DSO, ADC to King George V (1867-1942).

Field Marshal Sir Claud Jacob GCB GCSI KCMG (1863-1947).

Edgar Jacob (1844-1920), Bishop successively of Newcastle and St Albans.

Edward Jacob FSA (1713-1788), mayor of Faversham, author, antiquary and bibliophile.

Professor Ernest Fraser Jacob (1894-1971), historian.

Lt-Col Freddie Jacob OBE (1895-1975), cryptologist, Director of CBME Bletchley Park during WWII.

Colonel George Adolphus Jacob (1849-1918) (Hon PhD Cambridge), Indian Army, author, renowned Sanskrit scholar.

Dr George Andrew Jacob DD (1807-1896), Fellow and Tutor of Worcester College Oxford, Headmaster of Christ's Hospital, author.

Major-General Sir George Legrand Jacob KCSI CB (1805-1881), Indian Army, author.

Giles Jacob (1686-1744) legal author, and writer of literary criticisms.

Gordon Septimus Jacob CBE (1895-1984), composer.

Lt-Col Harold Fenton Jacob CSI (1866-1936), Arabist and diplomat in Aden and Cairo, author.

Henry Jacob (1561-1624), dissident minister, author, founder of Jacobopolis in Virginia, USA.

Major-General Herbert Jacob (1806-1890), Indian Army.

Hildebrand Jacob (1692-1739), 18th century poet and playwright, best remembered perhaps for his indelicate poetry.

Lt-Gen Sir Edward Ian Claud Jacob GBE CB (1899-1993), Assistant Military Secretary to the war cabinet (WWII) and Director General of the BBC.

Iris Morley (1910-1953), war correspondent, journalist, author.

Brigadier-General John Jacob CB (1812-1858) founder of Jacobabad, Commandant of the Scinde Irregular Horse and Jacob's Horse.

Sir John Jacob (1597-1666), 1st Baronet, of Bromley-by-Bow, Middlesex, Royalist and staunch adherer to the cause of King Charles I.

Sir John Jacob, 3rd Baronet (died 1740), Colonel of Jacob's Regiment of Foot, which became the Somerset Light Infantry in 1751.

John Jacob (1588-1645), serjeant to the Admiralty of the Cinque Ports.

John Jacob (1929-2001) Amongst other things Curator of Kenwood House, Hampstead, London

John Jeremiah Jacob (1829-1893), 4th Governor of West Virginia, USA.

Sir Lionel Montague Jacob KCSI (1853-1934), chief engineer of Burma.

Kathleen Byron (1923-2009), actress.

Mary Phelps Jacob (1891-1970), the inventor of the modern bra.

Martin Jacob, MP for Bridgewater, Somerset, in 1420 and 1423.

Reginald Jacob (died 1424), MP for Dorchester Borough in 1417 and 1422.

Robert Jacob MD (ca 1549-1588), Gynaecologist to Queen Elizabeth I and to the Tzarina of Russia.

Sir Robert Jacob, knight (c1573-1618), Solicitor-General in Ireland.

Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob KCIE CVO (1841-1917), architect, designer of many well-known buildings in India.

Stephen Jacob, some time sheriff of Pembroke, Wales, in the 1340s.

Thomas Jacob, MP for Wootton Bassett in 1695 and 1701.

Walter Jacob, MP for Bridgewater in 1295.

William Jacob, MP for Bridgewater in 1298.

William Jacob, MP for Chichester City, West Sussex, in 1460 and 1477.

William Jacob (died c 1574), mayor of Folkestone.

William Jacob MD (c1623-1692), briefly MP for Canterbury in 1679. A pedigree spanning 4 generations is under preparation.

William Mungo Jacob (1944-), The Ven. the Archdeacon of Charring Cross.

William Stephen Jacob (1813-1862), Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, Director of the Madras Observatory.

Lt-Col Sydney Long Jacob CIE (1849-1911), one of the members of the inner cabinet of John Darby, founder of the Plymouth Brethren.