Born in 1561 - Died in 1624


He was born in 1561, the son of John Jacob of Cheriton, yeoman. After attending King’s school Canterbury he went to Oxford where he matriculated at St Mary Hall on 27th November 1581, aged 18, BA 16th December 1583, MA 8th July 1586. He married Sara Dumaresq, the sister of John Dumaresq of Guernsey and had a number of children, two of whose names are known - Henry and Nehemiah. There is the likelihood that another son was named John. A license to pass from England across the seas was granted to John Jacob, son of Sara Jacob, widow, resident of St Katherine's, London, to go to Rotterdam; this on 26th September 1632. We know Henry had died by this date, and of course he had lived in the Low Countries, and there seems good reason why a son of his should be visiting Rotterdam.

He is said to have been beneficed in Kent, but there is no evidence of this. In 1616, having spent much time in the Netherlands, where he had earlier been banished by Queen Elizabeth I, in 1616 he founded the oldest independent church in England at Southwark and served as pastor there until 1622. The church was built on a site called Deadman's Place. In 1732 there was in Deadman's Place an alley called Globe Alley, that lead to the celebrated Globe Theatre. He went to America in 1622, where he founded a settlement named after him - Jacobopolis. He returned to England and died in London in 1624. Some authorities state he died in Virginia, but his will was proved in London and there is no suggestion that he died overseas. In 1620 some members of the Southwark church were given permission to sail to New England; apparently they sailed on the Mayflower.

He stipulated in his will that his children should go with hi to America or they would be disenfranchised from his will.




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