From many of whom we are directly descended.

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ABBOTT: From Bishops Stortfort and subsequently the USA, 15th - 19th centuries.

ABBOTT: Uncles, a charming little family history written by Charles Greely Abbot (1872 - 1973).

ADKINS: See under Johnson.

AGNEW: See under Blair.

ALARD: Of Kent, 15th - 17th centuries, compiled by Dr Teddy Church.

ALLEN: Descendants of George Allen of Wexford, Ireland, one of whom married Anne Jacob, granddaughter of Edward Jacob of Siggistown, Wexford county, Ireland (1663-1900). Compiled by Karen E Black.

ANDERSON: See under Franchi.

ANDREW: Of Probus in Cornwall (17th - 19th centuries), draft pedigree researched and compiled by Dr Thomas Gilbert Barham Howe.

ANSTEY: See under Franchi.

ARUNDEL: Of Sussex, 13th - 15th centuries.

ASQUITH: See under Franchi.

AUSTEN: Of Suffolk, who moved to London, 13th - 16th centuries.

BARHAM: A family from Kent, 16th - 19th centuries.

BARNARD: A pedigree of a Barnard family, 17th - 20th century, taken from the book 'In Search of Ann' by R.A.Parker, c 1974. Many other families shown. NEW

BARNIKEL: See under Franchi.

BARTER: Declaration made in respect of William Barter, of Tilmanston, Kent, who died in 1819.

BATH: Pedigree of a family from North East Kent, 17th - 18th centuries, communicated to me by M D NIghtingale on 13th November 1979.

BELL: A Bell family from Cockermouth, Cumberland, 17th - 19th centuries.

BELL: See under Franchi.

BLAIR: Brief sketch pedigree of families of Blair of Dunstley and Suffolk of Rusko, Scotland (17th - 18th centuries).

BOEHM/BEAM: A family originally from Germany, who settled in the USA and later Canada, 17th - 19th centuries.

BOND: A Bond family from Cornwall, 14th - 17th centuries.

BOWER: A family from please click HERE.

BRAITHWAITE: See under Franchi.

BRIDGE: See under Franchi.

BRIDGES: Of St Nicholas-at-Wade, in Kent, 16th - 19th centuries

BROCKHULL (Brockhill, Brockhall): Of Kent, 13th - 17th centuries.

BUCKLAND: See under Barnard.

CALDWELL: And allied families, 18th - 20th centuries, a biography written by David Gore, with particular emphasis on Bishop Robert Caldwell (1814-1891).

CALDWELL: And allied familes, 18th - 20th centuries. Pedigree complied by David Gore.

CARROLL: See under Nicholson.

CASTLE-SMITH: See under Franchi.

CHAPMAN: See under Barnard.

CHEKE: A pedigree of a Cheke family of Tyneham and Wareham, 13th - 16th centuries.

CHICHE: Another Chiche pedigree taken from manuscript sources in the British Library and the Centre for Kentish Studies.

CHICHE: An article published in Foundations, the journal of the Foundation of Medieval Genealogy.

CHICHE: Volumous notes for an article on this family,12th - 16th centuries, published in 2006 in the journal of the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

CHICHELE: Pedigree tracing a descent from Sir Robert Chichele, Lord Mayor of London, brother of Archbishop Henry Chichele, ca 1850 (Jacob MSS).

CLARKE: See under Stuart.

COCKCROFT: See under Nicholson.

COUSE: See under Barnard.

CRAYFORD: Of Kent, 15th - 18th centuries.

CRAYFORD: Another MS Pedigree, 15th - 18th centuries, compiled by Edward Jacob in 1851 (Jacob MSS).

de CREVEQUER: Of Kent, 11th - 13th centuries.

CRIOL: A pedigree of this family taken from a Dering MS of pedigrees in CKS, Maidstone (CKS-MS U350/Z34).

CRIOL: A pedigree of this family taken from Harleian Manuscript 5862 in the British Library.

CROOK: See under Franchi.

DARRELL: Of Sesay in Yorkshire and subsequently of Kent, 13th - 16th centuries.

D'AVRANCHES: Of Kent, 11th - 13th centuries.

DUNBAR: See under Blair.

DYMOCK: See under Franchi.

ELVERTON: A sketch pedigree of this family, who held property in and around Elverton, in Stone-next-Faversham, Kent. 13th century.

ELWIN: A family from Stalisfield, Kent, 15th century to present. Researched and compiled by Reverend John Elwin, kindly made available by his son George Elwin. (PART I).

ELWIN: As above (PART 2).

ELWIN: As above (PART 3).

EMANUEL: See under Franchi.

FARQUHAR: See under Barnard.

FELL: A skeleton family tree of the Fell and Macaree families, 18th -21st centuries.

FENNER: See under Geere.

de FIENNES: 12th - 14th centuries.

FLINT: See under Barnard.

FOGGE: Of Kent, 13th - 18th centuries.

FORD: See under Barnard.

FORLONG/FURLONG: See under Franchi.

FRANCHI: Index to a pedigree compiled by Maria Craigie. It contains names of numerous families, 17th - 20th centuries. Some are listed separately on this page. NEW

FREWER: See under FRanchi

GEERE: Declaration made by Margaret Jones of Hythe, Kent, in respect of the Geere and Fenner families, 1829.

GOSTLING: A brief history of a Gostling family from Canterbury, Kent, 17th - 18th centuries.

GRIFFITH: See under Barnard.

HAYWARD: Of kent, 17th - 18th centuries.

HIGGINS: See under Franchi.

HODGSON: See under BELL.

HOUGH: A pedigree of an Anglo-Indian family, 18th - 20th centuries, researched and compiled by Dr Thomas Gilbert Barham Howe.

HOUGHTON: See under Shuttleworth.

HOWDEN: Of Scotland. A skeleton pedigree, 17th - 20th centuries.

HOWE: A family originally from Kenilworth (c1590 to present).

HOWE: A descent taken from Lubbert van Hattem, 14th century to present.

HUGHES: See under Franchi.

HYDE: See under Stuart.

JACOB: See under Franchi.

JAQUES: Of Easby Abbey and Silton, Yorkshire, 12th - 19th centuries.

JOHNSON: Statutory declaration made in 1847 giving details of members of a Johnson family of Mill Hill, Middlesex.

KEMP: See under Barnard.

KEMPE: Of Kent, 13th - 15th centuries.

KENTON/PETERS: Of Kent, 16th - 18th centuries. This pedigree was given to me by the late John Peters, who published his book 'A Family from Flanders'.

KNEE: See under Nicholson.

LEGRAND: Pedigree of the descendants of Julian Le Grand, of Bailleuil, in Flanders, whose descendants settled in Canterbury, Kent, 17th - 19th centuries.

LEGRAND: Draft pedigree of Benjamin Legrand, 17th - 18th centuries, researched and compiled by Lucy AnnCurling.

LEWIS: See under Franchi.

LIPSCOMB: See under Nicholson.

LONG: Pedigree of a family of Long from the Isle of Thanet in Kent, 16th - 18th centuries.

LONG: Manuscript pedigree of the Long family of Westminster and Wiltshire, 17th - 19th centuries, complied in the mid 19th century (Jacob manuscripts)

MACAREE: See under Fell.

MACDONALD: Declaration as to the pedigree of the MacDonald family dated 1869.

MACNALLY: Other names Solley, Pettman, Winch, Hobes, Horton, Ritchie, Horton, Rogers. Of Kent, 18th - 19th centuries.

MAKENADE: A pedigree of this family from Preston-next-Faversham, in Kent, circa 1315 - 1404.

MAULT: See under Caldwell.

MICKLE: A family originally from Scotland, a branch of whom settled in Canada, 18th - 19th centuries.

MOSELEY: See under Franchi.

MURRAY: See under Franchi.

NAPPER: See under Barnard.

NASSAU, as above but a fuller pedigree chart.

NELTHORP: Brief pedigree of Nelthorpe family 17th - 19th centuries. Also named Thurston, Wilmer, Hatley, Lyon and Wren families (Jacob MSS)

NICHOLSON: A history of the Nicholson family of Barnsley and other place in South Yorkshire, Brenda Nicholson (nee Jacob).

O'BRIEN: Of Ireland, 14th - 18th centuries.

O'FARRELL: 19th century to present. Sketch pedigree compiled by Brenda Nicholson © 2009. (see also under articles)

PAGET: 18th - 20th centuries. Pedigree compiled by Stephen Woollcombe.

ROUSE: See under Franchi.

SACKVILLE: Of Sussex/Kent, 11th - 16th centuries.

SAVAGE: A brief, draft pedigree of Savage, Jacob, Baker, Maddern and Nunn families, 18th - 21st centuries (Jacob MSS)

SELBY: 12th - 18th centuries.

SEPTVANS: A family from Kent, 12th - 16th centuries.


SHAND: See under Barnard.

SHAPTON: See under Franchi.

SHUTTLEWORTH: A very brief pedigree of Shuttleworth and Houghton 17th - 19th centuries (Jacob MSS).

SKILLMAN: See under Johnson.

SOLLY: Of Kent, 17th - 18th centuries

STARKWEATHER: See under Franchi.

STEWART: Declaration relating to the family of Charles Edward Stewart of Westbourne Park, London, 1868.

STEWART: See under Blair.

STRATHMORE, GLAMIS AND KINGHORN: The descent of the Earls of, by Charles Lyon (will pr August 1859). From a manuscript by him dated 15th February 1824, but with later additions, the latest in 1846.

STUART, HYDE AND CLARKE: A rough pedigree compiled between 1840-1890; many other names are mentioned.

SUFFOLK: See under Blair.

TILLMAN: A family history of the Tillmans from Stalisfield and elsewhere in Kent, from 15th century to present. Kindly communicated to me by Lise Tillman.

VAN HATTEN: A pedigree taken from the internet; ca 1390 - 1800.

WALTERS: A family from Dorset, Hampshire and elsewhere, 18th - 21st centuries.

WALTHAM: See under Franchi.

WARD: Case to determine plaintiff's proof of birth; other names Johnson, Whitby and Wood; 17th-18th centuries. Quaker interest (Jacob MSS).

WARING: The Waring Manuscripts, an extensive collection of title deeds relating to the Waring family of Chelsfield, Kent, 15th-20th centuries, courtesy of Geoffrey Copus.

WESTLEY: See under Franchi.

WHARAM: See under Nicholson.

WOOLLCOMBE: Of Devon and Canada (1754 to the present day),kindly communicated to me by Stephen Woollcombe of Ottawa, Canada.

WYATT: 18th - 20th centuries. Compiled by David Gore.