Peter Makenade of Preston next Faversham, in Kent, fl 9 Edward II. He married Emma -----. They had issue:

1 John Makenade, senior, citizen and goldsmith of London, fl 1338 - 1341. He had issue:
1 Stephen Makenade.
2 William Makenade, his son and heir, fl 31 Edward III.
3 Catherine, widow of Robert Rusel of London.
2 William Makenade, died in 33 Edward III. He married Elizabeth. They had issue:
1 John Makenade, fl 34 Edward III; he had a son and heir Stephen Makenade.
2 Peter Makenhade, fl 1407.
3 William Makenade of Preston. He married Margery, sister and heir of William son of John Condy of Sandwich. The had no issue. His will is dated 3rd October 1407.
4 Thomas Makenade, fl 1407.
5 Agnes Makenade. She married Thomas Brunston; they had a son Thomas.
6 Dionesia Makenade. She married Sir Richard atte Lese, knight. Her will was proved 16th September 1404.They had issue:
1 Sampson atte Lese, who was buried in St Mary's, Strand. He fl 39 Edward III.He married Lora -----, it was her second marriage. She was dead by 6th April 1379. They had issue:

1 Sir Richard ate Lese, knight, fl 29 Edward III, he died on 12th August 1394. He had a daughter Cecily.
2 Marcellus atte Lese, fl 3 Richard III. He married Anne, daughter and heir of John atte Bridge of Wellcourt. They had issue:

1 Lucy Makenade. She married 1stly John Norton and 2ndly William de Langley of Knolton.
2 Cecilia atte Lese. The sisters were coheirs of Sir Richard atte Lese.

3 Denise Makenade.

7 Catherine Makenade.

3 John Makenade, junior, fl 14 Edward III
4 Henry Makenade, fl 14 Edward III. He married Margery ---- in 16 Edward III (1332-1333).

William Makenade of Preston made his will on 3rd October 1407; his wife would appear to have survived him. No issue is mentioned in the will. He left legacies to his brothers Peter and Thomas and to his nephew Thomas de Brunston.


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