Of a genealogical and historical nature

written by a number of friends


Recovering the Lost Documents of Mayfield: Written by Geoffrey Copus © 2015 Geoffrey Copus, all rights reserved. NEW

The Early Parish Registers of Farnborough, Kent: Written by Geoffrey Copus © 2015, all rights reserved. NEW

The diaries of Arthur and Mary (nee Jacob) Elwin (1870-1900). George Elwin © 2015, all rights reserved. NEW

A Biography of Ernest Philip Elwin (1881-1947), of his time in China and elsewhere, well illustated, by George Elwin, © 2015, all rights reserved.

A voyage to Poona and back. The last days of Captain William Stephen Jacob, taken from the Diary of Anna and Mary Jacob 1862-1863; written/edited by George Elwin, © 2013, all rights reserved.

Walking through Switzerland: A journal by Philip Whittington Jacob, June-October 1826, edited by George Elwin, © 2013, all rights reserved.

Henry O'Farrell: An article written by Brenda Nicholson, with much social history relating to Southampton © 2009.

George Andrew Jacob DD: Some remarks on ritualism and evangicalism with particular reference to the charge of the Bishop of Bombay (Jacob MSS)

Why the recruiting campaing has failed, by a private of the line (Clive Jacob), 1936/1937.

General Jacob's Exotic Rifle: This eccentric British officer designed a military rifle almost as unorthodox and unusual as he was. By Garry James © 2008.

Our Family in India: Notes on the Lehmann, Allen and Jacob families, by Donald Lehmann © 2002.

The Nicholson family: Chapters I-III & V of an account of this family, and many allied families. Local history interest: Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Written by Brenda Nicholson (nee Jacob), © 1987.

Jewry in Faversham

Jews in Faversham and Ospringe. © 2000 Kenneth Jacob. A very brief article originally written for the Faversham Millenium Book, which regrettably never appeared.


Some notes on the early history of Faversham in Kent. © 2000 Kenneth Jacob. The same comments apply to this article, constrained as it was by the number of words permitted.

A Vignette of the de Ospringe family

A brief history of a family that took its name from Ospringe, next Faversham, in Kent. This article was first published in Family History, the Journal of the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies, Volume 21, No 176, © 2003

The Ospringe family - additional information

Further information on the above family. This was also published in Family History, Volume 22, No 186, © 2006.

The castle of Bourne, Lincolnshire, and the Wake family

A debate has been raging for some years on whether Bourne in Lincolnshire had a castle; it had, as historical documents amply demonstrate; © Kenneth Jacob 2005.

A Vignette of the Chiche family

An original study of the Chiche family of Kent © 2006

A Vignette of the Chiche family

A PDF version of the above.

The Chiche Family of Kent.

Voluminous notes for the above article.

A vignette of Cinque Ports Jacobs

A brief study of the name of Jacob as it appears in records relating to the Cinque Ports in the counties of Kent and Sussex. © 2004

Brigadier-General John Jacob CB

Brigadier-General John Jacob CB (1812-1858) was founder of the town, now city, of Jacobabad, in India (now in Pakistan). He was commandant of the Scinde Horse, Jacob's Horse and Jacob's Rifles. This article was published in Family History, the Journal of the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies, Volume 20, No 163, © 2000.

Brigadier-General John Jacob CB

A compilation of various photographs, prints, paintings and ephemera relating to John Jacob and Jacobabad.

A Jacob Armory

A brief illustrated study of the coats-of-arms used by various families of the name of Jacob, © 2006.

Duck Decoys

A knowledgable and well illustrated Powerpoint presentation on the subject of Duck Decoys by Roger Callow. © Roger Callow 2010.