John Solly of Ashe, near Sandwich, in the county of Kent, who died in 1624. He had a son

Richard Solly, who died in 1653. He had a son

Richard Solly, who died in 1683 aged 50. He had children:

1 John, who married twice. Once to Mary Furnese and I believe secondly to Martha Legay.
2 Richard who married Anna, the daughter of John Crickett, gentleman, of Sandwich. He was mayor of Sandwich on three occasions. By his wife he had ten sons and three daughters. He died in 1731:

1 John, died February 1697
2 Richard, died 1697
3 John, born 1699, died 1717 in London.
4 Richard, born 1703, died 1789. He married ----- Heaton and they had at least two children:

1 Richard Heaton, born 4th August 1746, dsp 12th October1816.
2 Maria, born 1749, dsp 1780.

5 George, born 1713, died 1714
6 William, died 1705
7 Henry, born 1706, died 1710
8 William Henry, born 1714, died 1770. He married ----- Christian of Dover and had three sons:

1 James, died 1749
2 William Henry, born 1764
3 Joseph, born August 1751, died 1806.

9 Stephen, died 1710
10 Henry, born 1710, died 1722
11 Mary, born 1698, died 1725, married Stephen Long of Sandwich in Kent. They had a sole daughter and heiress Mary, born 1722, and who married on 16th August 1750 at Woodnesborough near Canterbury Edward Jacob of Faversham.
12 Anna, born 1701, died 1706
13 Eliza, born 1711, married ---- Rose

3 Stephen, who died on 24th July 1715. He had children:

1 Eliza, who married ---- Neame.
2 Mary, who died in 1772 and was buried at St Peter's Church Sandwich. She married Henry Wise, merchant of Sandwich, who died in 1764. They had children:

1 Mary, who married J Watson of Sandwich.
2 Elizabeth, who died in 1761. She married William Boys of Sandwich FSA, a surgeon. They had at least one son William Henry Boys, a captain of the Royal Marines, who married Elizabeth, the daughter of Sir Henry Harvey KB, Rear Admiral.
3 Sarah. She married D Coates Esq of New Romney, in Kent.
4 Judith, who married John Harvey Esq., Captain in the Royal Navy, who was mortally wounded on 1st June 1794 and died in July of that year at Portsmouth of his wounds. They had children:

1 Henry Wise Harvey of Herondale
2 John, Captain in the Royal Navy
3 Edward
4 Mary, who married William Botler Esq of Eastry, in Kent
5 Fanny, who married Robert Lurbry(?) surgeon of Sandwich, in Kent
6 Sarah
3 Richard
4 Martha, who married ---- Rigden.
5 Anne, who married ---- Childs.

Various manuscript notes were added to the pedigree:



The above is taken from a manuscript pedigree compiled by Edward Jacob of Tunbridge Wells, a grandson of Edward Jacob of Faversham, in about 1851. Much of the information was taken from Hasted's History of Kent. It appears, however, that manuscript sources were used at the time, c1851. One manuscript was either compiled by John Jacob (1765-1840 ), Edward's father, or by him copied from a manuscript of the Solly family. This is unclear.