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A pedigree of a Jacob family, its descent taken from Kenneth Jacob back to Amos Jacob of Elham, Kent, born in 1570.

Pedigree CHART

A history of the family of Jacob of Horseheath in Cambridgeshire, and Bromley-by-Bow in Middlesex, 15th to 19th centuries.

A history of the family of Jacob of Dover, in Kent, from early 16th century to early 18th century.

A history of a Jacob family of Folkestone, in Kent, from 1518 to the present.

A history of a family of Jacob of Boughton under Blean, in Kent, from 1538 - 17th century.

A brief history of a Jacob family from Tolpuddle in Dorset, ca 1435 - 1600s.

A history of a Jacob family from Suffolk, principally from Laxfield, Buxhall and the surrounding area, late 1400s - 1800s.

A history of a Jacob family from Wiltshire, 15th century to 19th century. To follow in 2008.

A history of a Jacob family in Ireland, descended from the Jacob family of Bromley-by-Bow, 17th - 20th centuries.

A History of a Jacob family from Somerset, whose descendants founded the firm of W&R Jacob, biscuit manufacturers, ca 1400 - present

A Jacob family from Ireland:

Jacobs from Sandwich, Kent: Brief pedigrees and notes on Jacobs from Sandwich, in Kent, and its environs, 15th - 17th centuries.

A Jacob Family first settled in Maryland, USA, 17th - 20th centuries.

Some notes on Jacobs of Bedfordshire.

A History of a Jacob Family of Hampshire, privately published.

My Part of the Jacob Family, by Rachel Legrand McDonald.

Descendants of John Wesley Jacobs of Tennessee: By Steve Jacobs © 2009.

A brief pedigree of a Jacob family from Pulborough in Sussex, ca 1810 - present. communicated to me by the late Mitchell Jacob, bookseller of Arundel, in Sussex.

A Pedigree of a Jacob Family from Hampshire, largely from Wolverton, Baughurst and Kingsclere, ca 1726 - 1942, by Iris Stanley and J Hobbs.

A very brief Pedigree of a Jacob family from Chester.

The Abley and Maddern descent from a Jacob Family, Suffolk, a pedigree, circa 1670 - present.

The Jacob Family in Australia, by Michael Abley. This continues from the above.

Our Family in India: Notes on the Lehmann, Allen and Jacob families, by Geoffrey Lehmann, © 2002.

A Pedigree of Jacob and Hearn families from Whitwell in the Isle of White, 1563 - 1871.