At this stage I differentiate between the name JACOB and other possible variants, such as CHEKE, which occur in this part of Kent.


Thomas Jacob of Woodnesborough, died in 1471. With his wife Agnes he had children:

1 William of Apishill

2 Richard

3 Isabella of Jakynpende

Elis Jacob of Woodnesborough, who died in 1549. He married Elizabeth Peacocke. They had issue:

1 Robert, died in 1598.
2 William of Woodnesborough, died in 1566. He married 2ndly Elizabeth Griffin. He had a son, I don't know by which wife:
1 William, born in 1564.
3 John, died in 1563. He married Alice Hockeman. They had children:
1 Ellis of Woodnesbrough and Ash, born in 1564.
2 Robert, born in 1565. He married Margaret Brook. They had children:
1 Dennis, born in 1594.
2 John, born in1597.

3 Joan, born in 1568.

1 Avis. She married John Thatcher, who died before 1599.

2 Barnaby, of Sandwich and Nonnington, who died in 1572. He married Marion Molande.
3 William, a Jurate of Sandwich, who held lands in Woodnesborough and Nonnington, who died in 1599. He married Alice Chapman. They had children:
1 John, Mayor of Sandwich, who held lands in Woodnesborough. He was born in 1560, died in 1600. He had children:

1 John, Jurate of Sandwich. He held lands in Woodnesborough, Worth and Canterbury. He married Joan Porredge. They had children:
1 Susan, born 1595.
2 William.
3 Anne, who in 1607 married Mathew Peke. They had a son Mathew.
4 Elizabeth, who married Mathew Ladd.
5 Mary, born in 1594, who in 1622 married John Elwood.
6 Caleb, born in 1597.
7 John, of Worth. He had children:
1 Alice, born in 1622.
2 Elizabeth, born in 1619.
3 John, born in 1616.
4 Katherine, born in 1614.
5 Richard, born in 1606
6 Mary, born in 1611, who in 1640 married William Gill.
8 Joshua, of Canterbury. In 1625 he married Joan Foach of Dover. They had children Ann (b 1631) and John (b 1634).
2 John, born in 1561.
3 Elizabeth, who married John Bateman.
4 Joan, born in 1549. She married Thomas Wilson. They had children:
1 Thomas.
2 John.
3 George.
4 Roger.
5 Richard, born in 1567.

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