This pedigree begins with Richard Jacob, yeoman, of Boughton-under-Blean, near Faversham, in the county of Kent, England. He and his wife Joan had children:

1.    Henry

2.    Mathew, born ca 1529

3.    Agnes

4.    Alice, who married William Place, clerk of Boughton-under-Blean.

5.    Margaret

Their names are given in his will, dated 15th August 1538, probate being granted on 12th November of the same year. His wife Joan and his son Henry are named joint executors. His son Mathew is described as a child, not yet 10 years old. He wills to be buried in Boughton-under-Blean parish church next to his children, so he must have had other children who died young (CKS-PRC 32/17f 21v).

References to him so far identified include an action by Joan and Elizabeth, daughters and heirs of John Roper against Richard Potman and Richard Jacob, as feoffees to uses, alleging fraud in conveying to them messuages and land in Boughton and Hernhill, which had been bought of William Tylman, gentleman, to the said John Roper's use. Dated in the period 1518-1529 (NA-563/18)

Another deed made in 1534 shows that, together with William Hammond, Robert Abraham and John Elston, he sold to Richard Simonds, John Copinger, William Ward, John Stone and Thomas Wyste 2 acres of meadow in Boughton for 22 marks. The deed was witnessed by Henry his son (CKS- U 47/1 T121). It was sealed by him, the seal in black wax, c 3/4 inch dia. (see below). When I originally saw the seal a great many years ago, it was still intact. It depicts a cross with a sword diagonally across it.


The seal on a deed of Richard Jacob 1534 (CKS-U 47/1 T121). It is possibly his.


 - died 1550

We don't know when Henry was born, but he died in 1550, when administration of his goods was granted to his sister Alice Place of Boughton. He was executor of his father’s will in 1538 so he must have been of age. He is described as of St Mary Bredin parish, Canterbury (CKS, PRC 3/12f 52).

I have found a few references to him, but no doubt many more exist. He witnessed a deed by John Tenacker of Boughton to Thomas Hawkins on 27th March 1542 (CKS-U 47/1 T121).

buried 27th September 1593

The other surviving son of Richard Jacob, he was buried at Boughton-under-Blean on 27th September 1593.

On 1st December 1561 he married Avis Tennaker at Boughton-under-Blean church. They had children:

  1. Cirriack, baptized on 8th September 1562, buried 9th April 1613.
  2. Florence, baptized on 16th April 1564, buried 17th June 1564 at B-u-Blean
  3. Joan, baptized on 22nd June 1565 at B-u-Blean. On 24th January 1585 she married James Scott at B-u-Blean church. They had issue.
  4. Susan, baptized on 15th October 1566 at B-u-Blean. On 20th November 1587 she married Edward Hammon at B-u-Blean church.
  5. Ann, baptized 16th May 1570 at B-u-Blean. She married John Pye on 28th January 1593.
  6. Priscilla, baptized on 21st October 1573 at B-u-Blean. She married ----- Place.
  7. John, buried 14th April 1573 at B-u-Blean
  8. John, baptized 11th February 1575 at B-u-Blean
  9. Christopher, baptized on 20th August 1578 at B-u-Blean
  10. Michael, baptized 24th August 1579 at B-u-Blean
  11. Henry, baptized 23rd February 1583, buried 25th October 1592 at B-u-Blean

His will is dated 7th September 1593 and was proved on 4th October of that year. He wishes to be buried at B-u-Blean next to the body of his son Henry. He leaves various monetary and other bequests to his wife Avis, his daughters Anne Jacob, Jane Scot, Susan Hamon and Priscilla Place. In the case of his married daughters, the monetary bequests were to be made within a number of years (specified) after his death. If they were to die in the interim, then the monies to be paid to their respective children. He makes further monetary bequests to his sons Christopher and Michael, as also to five male and one female servants. Two kinswomen are named, Avis and Margaret Reynold. To his son Cyriack he leaves his lease to Boughton Court, as also the residue of all his goods and chattels. His wife is made sole executrix, John Place the elder and John Place the younger are made overseers.

As to his freehold property, to Avis he leaves his tenement at Boughton church, then in the occupation of Steven Bersted for the term of her natural life. To Syriack his house in Hernhill, and also woodland at Havell; also to him two houses in Boughton Street, and lands thereto belonging, which he bought of William Philpot. He further leaves Cyriack his house in South Street in Boughton, in the occupation of John Place the younger, with the lands thereto belonging. To his sons Christopher and Michael he leaves his house near Boughton church, after the demise of his wife, as also woodland at Kensinghill. Finally to Cyriack he leaves woodland at Hayso? wood (CKS-PRC 32/37 f 141v).

He appears as a juror on a number of occasion; for grand and trial juries in the period 1576-1591 at Rochester, Canterbury and Sevenoaks assizes.

Let us continue with Mathew's three sons, starting with the eldest:

born 8th September 1562 - buried 9th April 1613

The son of Mathew Jacob, he was born on 8th September 1562 and buried on 9th April 1613 at B-u-Blean church. His wife Ann was buried on 21st February 1620 at B-u-Blean.

He married Ann Berry, widow, on 24th September 1593 at B-u Blean church. They had children:

  1. Avis, baptized 11th August 1594, buried 16th July 1596, at B-u-Blean church.
  2. Cirriack, baptized 28th November 1595, buried 29th November 1595 at B-u-Blean church.
  3. Margaret, baptized 16th October 1597, buried 18th March 1598 at B-u-Blean church.
  4. Edward, baptized 7th September 1599 at B-u-Blean .
  5. Marie, baptized 25th December 1603 at B-u-Blean. She married 1stly Thomas Penvill of Sturry.

His widow Anne left bequests in her will to her daughter Mary Hunt, to her daughter Katherine Joyce widow, as also her grandchild Elizabeth Joyce. Her son Edward and his wife Elizabeth are named. With respect to her daughters Mary and Katherine, I am not sure whether they were children by her previous marriage or of her marriage to Cirriack. Edward describes Mary Hunt as his sister however, so probably the Marie baptized in 1603 is referred to.

He was a defendant in the Diocesan Court, sued by John Cole of Graveney on 19th April 1597.

He was one of two bailiffs of Boughton under Blean, named in the constables' rolls between 10th January - 26th September 1598.

He appears as juror on a number of occasions, for example, as a member of a grand jury on 26th March 1599 at the Rochester Assizes.

His name occurs on a deposition index, being described as a yeoman of B-u-Blean, born in the said parish and aged 36 years. Dated 21st June 1597 (CKS, X.11.5 f.1986).

The second eldest son was

baptized 20th August 1578 -

He lived at Hearnhill, near Canterbury, Kent. On 6th December 1606 he married Naomi Heeler at Hearnhill.

There is a case in the Diocesan Records (J/J 66, No 61) between Mary Heeler plaintiff and Joseph Heeler defendant, which names Sara Jacob alias Clare and Elizabeth Martin, children of Naomi Heeler alias Jacob, sister, deceased, in the contested will of Matt Heeler, 26th July 1639.


The third son was


The only reference to a Michael Jacob in this period I have found, is of a Michael Jacob, of Rye in the county of Sussex, letters of administration being granted to his widow Alice in 1618. Whether this is the same man or not, I don't know.

The pedigree continues with Edward, son of Cyriack Jacob (d 1593)


The son of Cyriack and Anne Jacob, he had a wife named Elizabeth. By his will he left bequests to his sister Mary Hunt, to his sister Mary, to his Aunt Hayes and to Elizabeth his wife. To his son Edward (baptized 22nd June 1628), to his son Mathie and his son Mathew (well under age) he left all his lands in Boughton and Hearnhill. A tenement in Southstreet to Edward.



The son of Edward Jacob, he died in 1691. To his grandchild Alice Gilbert, the daughter of Susanna his daughter, wife of Peter Gilbert, he left £100. He had no male heirs.

On 3rd April 1660 John Hawkins of Boughton sold Mathew Jacob of the same place a piece of land called Cookes in Boughton for £48 (CKS-U 47/1 T 121).