This Jacob family is descended from the Jacob family who rose to some prominence in Somerset in the 15th - 16th centuries. They are largely associated with founding the company that produced Jacob's biscuits, a brand that is still with us today.

I have much information to add to this history, based on original research I have done over the years, but I should like to place online what has already been written as a foundation for further work.

Richard Jacob, born in 1607. He married at Halberton, Devon, in 1624 Alice Holcombe and had issue, one son:

Richard Jacob of Halberton, born in 1642, who left for Ireland in 1675, with his wife and 9 children. He married Joane ----- and had issue:

Richard Jacob, born in 1666. He married Elizabeth Head of Ardee, County Louth, Ireland, and died in 1725, leaving issue a son:

Isaac Jacob, born in 1703. He married 1stly in 1727 Rebecca Penrose. By her he had no issue. He married 2ndly in 1732 Susanna Watson. He died in 1761 leaving issue:

Joseph Jacob, who married in 1758 Hannah Strangman and had issue a son:

Thomas Strangman Jacob, born in 1762. He married in 1787 Hannah Fennel Lecky, and died in 1828 leaving issue with 12 children:

Isaac Thomas Jacob, born in 1790. He married in 1824 Anna Beale of Anngrove, Mountmellick, and died in 1839. His seal is illustrated. He left a son:

William Beale Jacob of Ballybranch House, County Dublin. He founded the firm of W & R Jacob and Co Ltd, makers of biscuits. He was born on 17th August 1825, and married on 1st August 1850 Hanna Hill, daughter of Joshua Newsom, who died on 29th November 1906. He died on 5th August 1902 leaving issue:

1 Robert
2 William Frederick
3 George Newsom
4 Albert Edward
5 Charles Edwin
6 Henry Wilson
7 Isabella
8 Helena

The fourth son Albert Edward Jacob of St James Court, Buckingham Gate, London SW1, JP and MP for East Toxteth Divison of Liverpool in 1924 - 1929, Alderman of Liverpool City Council, Vice President FBI, DIR of W&R Jacob Ltd, was born 21st January 1858. He was educated at Rathmines School and Trinity College, MA 1883. On 28th June 1888 he married Mary daughter of John Buchanan of Endrickbank, Glasgow, who died on 21st December 1950. He died on 26th February 1929 leaving issue:

1 Cedric William, born 23rd July 1889, died 15th October 1937. On 11th February 1915 he married Dorothy, daughter of Henry Turrey of Stourbridge, Worcester. He served in World War I, 1914-1918, as a Captain in the King's Liverpool Regiment, and was Managing Director of W & R Jacob & Co. He had issue:
1 Albert Neil, Squadron Leader RAFVR, served in World War II, Director of W & R Jacob & Co., born 30th January 1916, educated at Repton and Trinity Hall, Cambridge (BA 1934), he married 1stly 7th August 1937 Marjorie Rosalind, daughter of Ernest Miskin MB (dissolved 1944) and had issue:
1 Michael Neil, born 7th March 1940.

2 Clare Michelle, born 17th January 1942.

He married 2ndly on 15th February 1945 Josephine, da of Joseph Humber of Milthorp, Westmoreland.

2 Michelle, born 24th September 1918. On 20th July 1940 she married Raymond Stewart Weightman OBE, son of Robert Charles Addison Weightman of Bishops Auckland, Durham and had at least one son and one daughter.

3 Leslie, born 25th June 1920, she married on 11th June 1941 Commander Denis Bryan Harvey Wildish RN, son of Rear Admiral Sir Henry William Wildish KBE CB and had at least 2 daughters.

4 Unity Maitland, born 24th June, married on 23rd June 1945 Bryan Courtnay Francis Bramwell, son of Francis Herbert Bramwell of Banstead, Surrey and had at least 2 daughters.

2 Albert Maitland, of Silverfort House, Fethard, County Tipperary, Captain in the RAF, company director and chairman of W & R Jacob & Co, Dublin, born 16th October 1891. On 23rd September 1918 he married Nora Rose, eldest daghter of the late Henry Fitzmaurice Hunt Phillips Hunt MD of Ballysinode, County Tipperary and Standish, Huyton, Lancashire and has issue:

1 Edith Helena, who married Bertie Trayton Kenward, son of Trayton William Kenward of Uckfield, Sussex and had issue:

1 Derek Trayton W/O RAVR, served in World War II.

2 Diana Mary SRN, born 13th January 1930, married on 16th April 1955 John Robson Tyrie, son of John Tyrie of Calcot, Berkshire.

2 Eileen Mary, born 8th August 1902, married 16th April 1927 (marriage dissolved and divorced 1938) William David Marshall, son of William Newbold Marshall of Assam. She married 2ndly on 23rd November 1938 Baron Maurice Dayet, Min. Plen. French Diplomatic Service, son of Andre Dayet of Cramans, Jura, France and had issue:

1 Francine Mary, born 9th September 1940.

Seat: Silverfort House.

Both I and my late uncle Alaric Jacob corresponded briefly with Eileen Mary Dayet. She remembered meeting my uncle in the 1920s when he was a schoolboy.