circa 1670 - present


The following was sent to me by Michael John Abley with whom I was acquainted and corresponded in the 1970s.


Samuel Jacob of Pakenham, ca 1670 - 1716. He married Elizabeth ---------. They had issue:

1 John Jacob, a 1707-1780. He married Margaret Gault. They had issue:

1 Robert Jacob, 17440-1829.

2 William Jacob, 1742-1809

Robert Jacob married Elizabeth Chapman in 1766. They had issue:

Robert Jacob of Red Castle, 1770-1852. He married Anne Morris in 1798. They had issue:

Henry Jacob of Red Castle, 1805 - ca 1875. In 1829 he married Susannah Brett. He married 2ndly in ca 1855 Sarah Brett, by whom he had issue:

Reuben Jacob, 1861-1927. In 1895 he married Lillian Levina Jeanet Chapman. They had issue:

Phyllis Constance Jacob, 1897-1964. In 1930 she married John William Abley, 1899-1960. They had issue:

Michael John Abley, 1932

Judith Phyllis Abley 1935. In 1962 she married Anthony Taylor.


Going back to William Jacob, the second son of John Jacob, in ca 1761 he married Lydia ---------. They had issue:

Trew Jacob, 1769-1814. In ca 1799 he married Susannah Sterry. They had issue:

Joseph Jacob, 1809-1879. In 1834 he married Susan, daughter of Edward Savage, and emigrated to South Africa in 1853. They had issue:

Charlotte Emma Jacob, 1845-1920. In 1863 she married Alfred Baker. They had issue:

Esther Susan Baker, 1877-1953. In 1897 she married David Richard Maddern 1873-1958. They had issue:

Ivan Thoedore Madders, 1906- In 1936 he married Elsie Jones, 1910- . They had issue:

1 Marian Madder, 1942-

2 Dorothy Maddern, 1946-

3 Philippa Maddern, 1952-


Susan Savage, referred to above, had a sister Judith. She married John -----. They had issue:

George Savage, born ca 1843. He married Emma Plummer. They had issue:

Emma Savage. She married Alfred Nunn. They had issue:

Hilda Nunn. She had a son Desmond George Nunn.