from Wolverton, Baughurst and Kingsclere.

Complied by Mrs Iris Stanley and Mrs J Hobbs


William Jacob, buried 29th December 1726, married Sarah, buried 24th June 1726. They had children:

1 Mary, baptized 12th October 1727, and buried 27th April 1728.
2 William, baptized 3rd January 1729, and buried 22nd August 1801. He married Ann Wilson on 24th October 1752 at Wolverton .
3 Edward, baptized 26th June 1733, buried 1st May 1796.

Edward married Elizabeth Withe on, and was buried 23rd June 1820-1, at Wolverton on 7th September 1762. They had children:

1 Edward, baptized 29th May 1763 0r 1766.
2 Sarah, baptized 20th July 1765 at Baughurst.
3 Amey, baptized 26th January 1768 at Kingsclere.
4 Abraham, baptized 8th November 1769 at KIngsclere.
5 Jane, baptized 18th May 1771 at Kingsclere.
6 Elizabeth, baptized 14th August 1772 at Kingsclere, and buried 6th August 1849 at Wolverton.
7 Joseph, baptized 22nd September 1774 at Wolverton, buried there 19th April 1841. He married Jane Brown, who was buried 24.11.1861.
8 Anne, baptized 3rd March 1776 at Wolverton.
9 George baptized 16th November 1777 at Wolverton.
10 Fanny, baptized 18th December 1779 at Wolverton.
11 Catherine, baptized 3rd March 1782 at Wolverton and buried there 2nd March 1852.

Abraham married Sarah Osman on 30th April 1795 at Overton. They had children:

1 Charles, baptized 4th March 1796 at Weston, buried 26th February 1858.
2 Jacob, he married Charlotte Lane.
3 Elizabeth (Sarah), born 14th March 1801 at Newbury, buried 24th October 1810 at Baughurst.
4 George, born 12th September 1802, and buried 15th February 1865. He married Caroline ---- in 1852.
5 Henry, On 30th May 1833 he married Hannah Kernott,
6 William, baptized 9th October 1808 at Baughurst. He married 1. Ann Smith on 19th November 1838, and 2. Lovanna Williams.
7 Catherine, baptized 15th August 1811 at Baughurst, buried there 16th April 1813.

Charles married Sarah Monger on 15th December 1816 at Baughurst. They had children:

1 George, baptized 25th April 1813, died 24th May 1843.
2 Thomas, baptized 16th May 1819, buried 7th February 1870. In 1852 he married Lydia Tull.
3 James, baptized 15th Februaryu 1821. He married Carolina Amelia ----.
4 Jacob, baptized 16th February 1823, buried 27th November 1862. He married Jane Smith on 11th April 1844 at Baughurst.
5 Charles, baptized 14th March 1836, died 28th June 1899. He married Ann Cox on 23rd October 1858.

George married twice. By his first wife Sarah Treacher, whom he married 1st October 1840, he had no children. She died 28th June 1855.

He married secondly Matilda Green on 31st August 1857. They had children:

1 Emma, baptized 11th April 1841. She married James Pike.
2 Miriam Jane. She married William Charles Ford.
3 Rosa Agnes, born 19th August 1858, died 8th October 1938. She married Ezar Pearce.
4 Lilla Matilda, born 24th March 1860. She married James Lovett.
5 Thirza Georgina, born 11th Octobner 1863, died 16th April 1934. She married Robert Carter.
6 Ernest George, born 6th December 1868, died 11th October 1921. He married Sarah Ruth Goddard.
7 Albert James, born 2nd October 1870, died 9th March 1942. He married Matilda ----.