by Kenneth Jacob


I call this family a family from Folkestone, in that they largely held land in and around the town. The early part of this pedigree from 15th - 17th centuries was established by me many years ago, although much more research needs to be done to finesse it. I have added to it since and have been in communication with Brenda Nicholson (nee Jacob) for some time now, who is a member of this family. We supplied one another with much information and I am indebted to her for the very detailed continuation of the family tree from the 18th century to the present day. I also owe Anne Rawlinson her friend my thanks for the contribution she has made.

I have many hundreds of references to support this pedigree largely, but not exclusively, from the Radnor MSS in the Centre for Kentish Studies in Maidstone and from the Brockman MSS in the British Library. I will attempt eventually to list all of these, but that may take some time yet. I have made a start.

There are references to Jacobs in and around Folkestone prior to the commencement of this pedigree, which begins with Thomas Jacob of Cheriton (probate to will granted in 1518). To list a few examples. William Jacob owed a rent of 21 quarters of oats in Shaddred, possibly a manor in Swingfield, not that distance from Terlingham manor, Folkestone, in 1323. In June 1351 Peter Jacob witnessed a deed to a messuage in Folkestone (Radnor MSS, typescript of deeds in Institute of Historical Research, Folkestone No. 7). A Walter Jacob is named in a court roll of Folkestone in1406 (CKS, U270/M6/1). A Thomas Jacob, a baron of the Cinque Ports, was assessed at 2d tax in 1432 (NA, E179/225/48). Another of that name witnessed a deed for land at Cheriton in 1445 (BL, Add Ch 68318). William Jacob, another baron of the Cinque Ports, was assessed for land he held in the 100 of Folkestone in 1432-33 (NA, E179/124/97). John Jacob, who had a wife Martha, a son Richard and a daughter Joan, held land in Shaddred in Swingfield and Lyminge. His will was proven in 1479 (CKS-PRC 17/3 f525r). The will of John Jacob of Stelling, Elmstead and Lyminge, who married Agnes the daughter of John Martin, was proven on 17th November 1525 (CKS-PRC 17/17 f63). It is highly likely that they were of the same family as those whose pedigree follows.


of Cheriton

Born in or before 1464 - Probate to his will granted on 22nd September 1518


Thomas Jacob was a witness to this deed relating to land in the parish of Cheriton, dated 1507. British Library: Additional Charter 68318.


In his will he is described as of Cheriton, which was adjacent to Folkestone, Kent. The will is dated 22nd August 1518 (CKS, PRC 17/13 f184r). His will mentiones a brother Richard, his wife Alice and three children:

1 John
2 Joan
3 Richard

The name occurs in two deeds of 1485. Then there is a gap until 1492. Either it is the same man, or there are two Thomases involved, the one possibly being the father.


1485 His name occurs in a deed relating to land in Cheriton (BL, Add Ch 68316)
1485 His name is mentioned in abutments relating to land in Cheriton (BL, Add Ch 68321)
1492 He witnessed a deed relating to land in Newington-next-Hythe (BL, Add Ch 69031)
1501 He witnessed a deed to land in Cheriton (BL, Add Ch 68311)
1502 He witnessed another deed to land in Cheriton (BL, Add Ch 68314)
1507 The Churchwardens' Accounts for Folkestone state that he has not been paid 'shot' for the year (Society of Genealogists)
1507 He witnessed a deed to land in Cheriton (BL, Add Ch 68318)
1516 He witnessed a deed to land in Cheriton (BL, Add Ch 683250)