This is but a brief, incomplete pedigree that was published many years ago. Regrettably I did not note down its source at the time.


Henry Jacob, of Ballyhalla, Isle of Man, who married at Ballyhalla Leane Moore of ------, in Ireland, and had with other issue a younger son:

George Jacob, born in London, but of Chester. He married Lillian Bavinia Ursula Janet Chapman, and they had issue:

1 Phylis Constance Jacob, who married John William Abbley.
2 Winifred Hilda Jacob, born at Chester in 1904. She married at Knutsford in 1928 Norman Willis, son of Alfred Joseph Willis of Baxton.
3 Thomas Leonard Jacob, born in Chester ca 1906.
4 Edna Mary Jacob, who married William Uwart Gladstone.