Born 17th December 1850 - Died 1st July 1932


Taken 18th July 1897. From left to right: Leslie, Stephen (aged 2), Blanche and Gabriel (8 months)
By kind permission of Bruce and Liz Jacob


A son of Major-General Herbert Jacob, he was born on 17th December 1850. He married Blanche Marian, a daughter of John Michael Beard, on 3rd May 1893 and they had children:

1 Herbert John Leslie, born 5th April 1894, and died 16th May 1895.
2 Stephen Dunsterville, who died on 6th December 1979. He married Ragnhild Ellis.
3 Gabriel Gordon, born 13th November 1896, and died ca 1921.
4 Kenneth Paul, born 31st December 1898, died 10th October 1984.
5 Margaret May, born 6th September 1905, died on 2nd November 1981.





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