Baptized 27th July 1717 - Died in 1790/1791



A son of James Andrew, he was baptized on 27th July 1717. He matriculated at Exeter College, Oxford, 23rd March 1737/8, appointed a scholar 6th April 1738- 3rd December 1741; BA 17th November 1741, MA 28th June 1745, BD and DD 5th February 1766, He was the first vicar of Ilmere, in Buckinghamshire, beneficed on 13th August 1746. He was prebedary of Rochester Cathedral 28th March 1765-1775, vicar of Ashford, in Kent, 13th December 1765-1774, vicar of Eynesford, in Kent, February 1784; he died in 1790/1. Having resigned his benefice in Ashford in 1774, his son in law James Bond took over as vicar of Ashford in that year.

He married Elizabeth, daughter of Johannes van Hattem, a Dutchman. By her he had children:

1 Elizabeth, died on 8th August 1804. She married Reverend James Bond.
2 Lydia Catherine, who married the Reverend William Nance.

His widow Elizabeth died at Bath on 28th June 1803.


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