Born 31st December 1815 - Died 2nd January 1898


Sir Edward Augustus Bond
painted by Mildred Barham Platt (nee Bond)
Courtesy of the British Museum


A son of the Reverend John Bond DD, he was born on 31st December 1815, and died on 2nd January 1898. On 16th July 1847 he married Caroline Frances, daughter of Richard Harris Barham. She was born 22nd July 1823, and died 1st August 1912. They had children:

1 Frances Mary, who married 1stly Major-General Lincoln Stephen Hough, and 2ndly Thomas Scrope Howe.
2 Edith, born in 1853,dsp in 1874.
3 Charles Barham, dsp.
4 Mildred Barham, born 9th September 1856, and died on 4th November 1912. She married Professor John Arthur Platt.
5 Alice, born in 1858, she married Reverend Henry Godfrey Le Neveu, vicar of Tavistock.
6 Bertha, born in 1859, she married William Mackie.
7 Edward, born in 1861 dsp in 1875.
8 Katharine, born 26th January 1863, and died 5th January 1939. She married Wilmer Harris Beal.
9 Arthur, born in 1865, dsp in 1874.

He was educated at Merchant Taylor's School, Northwood, and in 1832 obtained a post in the Public Records Office. In 1838 he became an assistant in the manuscript department of the British Museum. In 1852 he was made Egerton librarian. The post of assistant keeper of manuscripts followed in 1856, and in 1867 he was made keeper of manuscripts. Finally, in 1878 he was appointed principal librarian.

He founded with Sir E Maude Thompson the Palaeographical Society. He was made LLD of Cambridge in 1879, created CB in 1885, and KCB the day before his death in December 1898.

He was a friend of the artist Charles West Cope, as also Godfather to his daughter Florence. A pastel signed by Cope and given to Bond is shown below. One of his best known paintings is titled Florence Cope saying grace at dinnertime.

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This may be Caroline Frances Barham as a child


Extracted from pedigree supplied by Helen Morgan.
Jacob MSS (Eliza Jacob's noteboook, pedigrees, correspondence)
Information supplied by Angela Walters
Extracted from pedigree supplied by Dr T G B Howe
Images courtesy of Dr T. G. B. Howe and Angela Walters

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