Baptized 27th July 1788 - died 7th December 1865

The son of William Jacob, he was baptized on 27th July 1788, died on 7th December 1865. On 24th April 1817 he married Jane, the daughter of Thomas Gambrill, at Stowting. Jane was born at Stowting ca 1793, and died 14th December 1855. They had children:

1 Elizabeth, baptized 17th June 1818, died at London on 15th April 1897.
2 William, baptized 24th November 1819, died 22nd March 1895.
3 Thomas, baptized 7th March 1821, died 9th November 1911.
4 Susannah, baptized 18th December 1822, died 25th March 1858
5 John, baptized 1st June 1825, died 6th November 1880.
6 Frederick, baptized 7th March 1827. In 1871 is described as being in 'America' in his Aunt Mary's will.
7 Mary, baptized 21st May 1828. Some time after 1861 she married William Swift and they had 5 children.
8 Jane, baptized 27th July 1837, died in 1855.

Thomas farmed at Skeat Farm, in Lyminge, Kent, for much of his life..