Baptized 20th October 1718 - Died


A son of Richard Bond, he was baptized on 20th October 1718 at St Snoder. He married Mary Andrew, the daughter of Jeremias (James) Andrew and Constance Plummer, on 31st January 1740/1 at Ladock; she was baptized 22nd August 1722, and buried 20th August 1781. They had children:

1 Andrew, baptized at Probus on 16th May 1743.
2 Tabitha, baptized at Probus on 11th April 1745 (or 16th May 1745).
3 The Reverend James, baptized at Probus 6th April 1750, and died on 18th September 1826.
4 Nicholas, baptized at Lamorran on 26th October 1747, and buried on 3rd March or November 1752 at Probus.
5 Constance, baptized at Probus on 13th January 1753 . On 5th January 1775 she married Arthur Jolley of St Blazey.
6 Mary, baptized at Probus on 17th November 1755, and died 31st July 1792 at St Anstell. She married John Daddow of St Blazey.
7 Elizabeth, baptized at Probus on 11th March 1758. She married Joseph Seccombe on 20th February 1781 at Probus.
8 Nicholas Andrew, baptized at Probus on 7th May 1760.
9 Thomas, baptized at Probus on 6th February 1762.
10 William, baptized at Probus 6th February 1762.
11 Lydia Andrew, baptized at Probus 11th August 1766, and buried on 11th January 1830. She married Richard Fugler on 13th September 1787.

He was executor and residuary trustee of his father. In 1744 he was churchwarden of Probus, and still alive there in 1781.


Pedigree compiled by Dr T G B Howe.
Probus Parish Registers.