Born 4th August 1863 - 9th April 1915


Eugenie, Heinrich and Walther

He was born on 4th August 1863 at Seeringhausen, Kreis Gelsenkirchen, died on 9th April 1915. A coal miner, he was a son of Heinrich Ruhrmann and his wife Agnes Diederichs. He married Maria Eugenia Huerbuescher on 27th February 1889. At that time he was living in Severinghausen in the district of Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

They had a children:

1 Agnes, born 13th September 1892 at Wattenscheidt, died as an infant.
2 Walther Johannes Ruhrmann, born 6th February 1897 at Wattenscheidt


Ahnentafel (Jacob MSS)
Death Certificate