Baptized 23rd May 1819 - Died


The youngest son of Robert Hunter Hough, he was baptized on 23rd May 1819. On 4th August 1842 he married Charlotte, daughter of Alfred Oram of Kishnagur, Bengal. They had children:

1 Alfred James Stafford, born at Cawnpore 18th July 1843, and died on the same day.
2 Louisa Charlotte, born at Loodiamah 17th February 1845.
3 Harry Seton, born 22nd February 1846, and died of Cholera on 19th September 1847.
4 Harry, born at Fort William, Bengal, 17th January 1848.
5 Emila Felisa, born 14th February 1853; she married in February 1874.
6 A daughter, born at Coolabah 24th April 1854, and died on 1st May of the same year.
7 Albinia Adeline de Renzy,born 19th February 1855; on 28th May 1897 she married ----- Kennard.

He was at some time a Captain in 50th Queen's Own Regiment.


Pedigree compiled by Dr G B Howe.