Born 30th January 1883 - Died 9th March 1956


He was the son of the Reverend James Henry Blackman, born 30th January 1883, died 9th March 1956.

He was educated at St Paul's School, London. He attended Queen's College, Oxford. In December 1901 he attained a bible clerkship at Queen's. In 1902 he obtained Tutor's Prize. In 1905, the family moved to St Martin's vicarage, West Acton, London. In 1906 he obtained a first in Oriental Studies. He went on his first visit to Egypt to work on Greek Papyri under Dr Grenfell and Dr Hunt. He graduated in Classics at Oxford in 1906. He read Arabic, Egyptian and Coptic. He started excavating in Egypt and Lower Nubia in 1906. He was assistant too Dr Reisner in his Archaeological survey of Egypt and Lower Nubia in 1906.