Baptized 2nd April 1570 - Buried 10th January 1635


He was baptized at St Mary Magdalene church, Canterbury, on 2nd April 1570. The names of his parents were not given. Baptized at that time in Elham were Elizabeth Jacob on 6th January 1574, Robert Jacob on 17th August 1575 and William Jacob on 30th March 1576. Given that he lived at Elham there may well be a family connection. There has always been a family tradition that we were descended from William Jacob (died ca 1574), who had been mayor of Folkestone. He had a son William, who had two sons whose names I have not yet identified. It remains to be seen whether such a link can be established.

There were Jacobs in Elham parish in the late 15th and in the 16th centuries. Hasted states that there had been a manor called Jacob's Court in Bladbean, in North Elham. The manor went under the altenative names of Jakys or Jaques Court.

Amos is shown as farming in Elham and his name appears in a number of documents. He married Richordina Claringboule, a member of an old established family in this part of Kent. They had children:

1 Richard, baptized at Elham on 29th November 1593.
2 Nicholas, baptized at Elham on 21st September 1600.
3 Alexander, baptized at Elham on 21st April 1602.
4 Margaret, baptized at Elham on 14th March 1603.
5 Elizabeth, baptized at Elham on 15th February 1606.
6 Amos, baptized at Elham on 11th June 1609, buried there on 26th June of the same year.
7 Robert, baptized at Elham on 17th October 1611. He lived at Bladbean in North Elham.
8 Augustine, baptized at Elham on 23rd February 1616.

Amos's wife Richordina was buried at Elham on 15th September 1631. Amos was buried there on 10th January 1635.

Alexander married Katherine Brede on 9th June 1630. He may have moved to Dover, as an Alexander Jacob was shown to have compounded with Parliament in the sum of £97 ('A catalogue of the Lords, Knights and Gentlemen that hae compiounded for their estates etc'.... by Thomas Dring, at the Signe of the George in Fleetstreet near Clifford's Inne, 1655). I know of no other Alexander Jacob at this time in Kent.


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