A short film shot at Monkton Combe School, Bath, Somerset, showing Field Marshal Sir Claud Jacob inspecting troops of the Officer Training Corps, 1930.

The late Sir Ian and Lady Jacob at their home in Woodbridge. At the end a clip of Alaric, Clive and Lorna Jacob.

Clive Jacob's 80th birthday party. On it are a number of people sadly no longer with us, Commander John Jacob RN, Alaric Jacob and Kathleen Byron, Clive and Lorna Jacob. Also on the video are Julian and Harriet Francis, Kenneth and Nan Jacob, 1992 at Au Jardin des Gourmets, Soho, London.

Link to British Pathe News, with three newsreels featuring Sir Claud Jacob.

Link to British Pathe News, with a number of links to newsreels which include Sir Ian Jacob.

Cine films, 1926-1928, of the family of Henry Deacon Allen. Click HERE to access his page for a full description. Shown inter alia are clips from the Cobham Air Circus and Saltford Regatta.

Cine films, 1930-1934, of the Allen, Lehmann and Jacob families. For a description click HERE.

Cine films, 1928-1932 of the Allen family, largely views of India, including a military Gymkhana in Lucknow. For a description click HERE.

Cine films, 1929 - largely of the Allen Family. For a description click HERE.

Cine films, c 1936, scenes of the coronation, Naini Tal, India, of the Herbertspur Mission etc. For a description click HERE.

Cine films, c 1956, some in colour, showing members of the Broomhall family. For a description click HERE.

Cine films, India 1932-1937, Gorakpur, Rosalind Allen working in the missionary centre for children rescued from temple prostitution; views of agra; views of Sahabganj (1932); Roxaul: Mrs Duncan, Reverend H C Duncan, Miss Ballard, Dr B Harlord (1933); Herbertspur Dispensary (1937).

Cine films, Switzerland, Kashmir, Egypt and Palestine, late 1920s/early 1930s. N

Cine films, unknown locations in India in1929, including a military procession.

On a lighter note, this is a demo video I made, the first video ever, for Bruce and Bongo for a song called Beer Happy.They went on to have some success in Europe largely with a song called Geil. There is a cameo appearance on my part.


There will follow a good many cine films on a diversity of topics. For example, Formula 1 racing in the 1960s, when one was easily able to go into the pits, something not so easily done now. Footage of well known drivers of their day will be made available.

I should be most grateful to anyone who can identify some of the footage shown relating to India.

The films and videos have been compressed, as otherwise the files would be of an enormous size, too large quite frankly to host. This has meant a small loss in quality. It is better therefore to view them on small screen, not full screen.

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