Born in January 1904 - Died 21st April 1994



He was born in January 1904, and died on 21st April 1994. In September of 1933 he married Monica Allen, daughter of Henry Deacon Allen. They have children:

1 Priscilla, born at Ludhiana, India, in January 1935. In June 1959 she married Colin Coole, a doctor, of Croydon, Surrey.
2 Petronella, born in March 1937, died in April 1991. She married Carl Heynen.
3 Donald, born in 1940. He married Rosa Maria Armas, born in August 1940. They have two children.
4 Susanna, born in 1946. She married Paul East, born in November 1947. They have children.

Henry and Monica set up the Herbertspur Christian Hospital (HCR) near the river Jamuna in the Doon Valley in 1936. They gained much respect in the area, and indeed further afield. "Dr Lehmann is a firingi. He came from across the seven seas. He says his God has sent him here. He walks very swiftly, speaks softly with a smiling twinkle in his eyes. He gives medicines and injections, and sings songs praying to his God for the cure of his patients." Today the HCH is one of the stars of the Emmanuel Hospital Association which has 19 hospitals and 27 community health centres in Northern India.

For a fuller account of the Lehmann, Allen and Jacob families made by Donald Lehmann please click HERE.

By clicking on the film icon below you will be taken to a number of cine films spliced together. In order, they are of Geoffrey Lehmann's wedding to Monica Allen in 1934. There follow brief shots of Alexis Jacob and of Monica. Then we have the wedding of Joan Lehmann and Audley Sutton in 1930. There follows film of Sydney Montague Jacob in his yacht, with Rosalind swimming; this was filmed in 1930. The inspection of Monkton Combe School's Officer Training Corps also appears seperately under Sir Claud Jacob's page. Finally there are views of Venice in 1929. According to family legend the Allen sisters received their first kisses from Italian officers on board ship on this holiday.

The second film icon is of films of a date of c1936. They begin with Coronation scenes at Naini Tal, India. Next there are clips of the Allen family house Heathdown, in Woldingham. John Allen, 'Granny Allen' their dog Jerry all put in an appearance. Then there is extensive footage of the Herbertspur mission, with shots of Monica and Geoffrey Lehmann, and finally scenes from Panaphur, with Gordon and Lois Perry.

I post the following on this page, although strictly speaking it should be on others too. A number of members of the Allen and extended families went for a visit to India, and by all accounts a wonderful time was had by all. Hopefully more photographs will be added in due course (KJ - 20.12.2011).


For photographs taken by Bruce and Liz Jacob (KJ - 20.12.2011):