of Cheriton

Probate to his will granted on 15th August 1550


He was  a grantee in a deed dated 10th January 20 (?) Henry VIII (1529). British Library Additional Charter 68329.


He was a son of Thomas Jacob of Cheriton. Richard's will was made on 12th December 1549, probate being granted on 15th April 1550 (CKS, PRC 17/29 f250). His wife Joan's will was made on 31st March 1563 (CKS, PRC 17/38m 9v). They had children:

1 William, of whom hereafter
2 John, of whom hereafter
3 Julian, who married ---- Topley, they had a son
4 Thomas
5 Agnes
6 A daughter who married ---- Campion; they had a number of children, one son named George
7 Elinor
8 Margaret


He held property in Folkestone, as William his son is given 4 1/2 acres of land in Sainton, in the parish of Folkestone. His wife was to have all his other tenements and land in the parish of Cheriton, Folkestone and Newington-next-Hythe during the term of her natural life. After her death these lands were to descend to John his son. In defaulty of issue on his part the succession was entailed.

His wife's will contains numerous bequests of household goods. It mentions William, the son of her son William, as also daughters Elinor and Margaret, not mentioned in her husband's will. It also mentions Alice, the daughter of their son John. It states that her daughter Julian had a son, and that her daughter Champion had a number of children.


1529 Together with others he was granted land in Cheriton by John Chapman (BL, Add Mss 68329)
1539 He is named in the abutments to land in Cheriton (BL, Add Ch 68333)
1551 His heirs are shown owing rent in a court roll for Folkestone (CKS, U270/M5)