of Cheriton

buried 11th April 1586

He was a son of Richard Jacob of Cheriton. His will was made on 18th November 1585, probate being granted on 9th May 1586 (CKS, PRC 17/46 f 379v). In it he makes bequests to George Campion, his sister's son, to the two children of his cousin William Jacob, to his daughters Elizabeth and Joan, as also to his sons Henry and James. To his son William he leaves all his household goods in his house in Folkestone. To the last named he also leaves his messuage in Folkestone, which he had bought of William Jacob his brother, and which was then in the occupation of William's son William. To his son-in-law Chittenden he leaves 8 bushels of barley. His wife was to have half the profits of his lands unbequeathed in Cheriton, Newington and Folkestone, for the term of her life and as long as she remain unmarried. All the residue of his lands in Kent he left to his son John. He held land in the parishes of Stelling, Cheriton and Newington, as also in Folkestone.

With his wife Margaret he had children:

1 Henry, born in 1561, dissident minister, congregationalist, founder of Jacobopolis in Virginia.
2 John, baptized at Cheriton on 17th April 1566, of whom hereafter
3 William, baptized at Cheriton on 3rd April 1569.
4 Elizabeth, baptized at Cheriton on 30th December 1571. She married ----- Rag and had a son James.
5 Joan, baptized at Cheriton on 28th January 1573.
6 James.

John is well documented and I will list some of the references in chronological order.

c1550 He held a croft and 2 1/2 acres of land of the manor of Folkestone (CKS, U270/M281)
1555-6 In a rental for Cheriton he and his wife Joan are shown as paying various rents (BL, Add Ch 68511)
1556 He was elected borgfather for Cheriton, as appears in the court rolls for Folkestone (CKS, U270/ B7 S1 No 13).
1559 He was a member of a grand jury for the manor of Folkestone (CKS, U270/M322)
1560 He was a member of the homage for the manor of Ackhanger (CKS, U270/M322)
1560 He was a member of the homage in Ippingwell (CKS, U270/M322)
1563 He witnessed two deeds to land in Newington (BL, Add Ch 68367 & 68368)
1563 He witnessed a deed of Richard Fogge, which mentions 15 acres of land and pasture that had been granted to John and his heirs (BL, Add Ch 68383)
1564 He was querent to a fine for a messuage, garden and 9 acres of land in Cheriton (BL, Add Ms 68387)
1572 He was a member of the homage for Ackhanger manor (CKS, U270)
1573 He was witness to a deed of Edward Fogge of Repton relating to land in Cheriton (BL, Add Ch 68365)
1574 He witnessed a deed to land in Cheriton (BL, Add Ch 68367)
1578 He is shown as paying rent in a rental for land in Ackhanger, part of the manor of Terlingham, Walton, Wolverton and Ackhanger (CKS, U270/M253)
1578 A court roll for Cheriton shows him paying rent of 8s 6d and 2 hens for land (BL, Add Ch 68512)
1581 He witnessed a deed between George and Richard Fogge relating to land in Newington (BL, Add Ch 68381)
1581 A rental for Ackhanger shows him paying rent (CKS, U270/M253)
1583 He is shown in a court roll for Newington as paying rent for property (BL, Add CH 68513).
1584 He is shown in a court roll for Newington as having been a juror (BL, Add Ch 68513)
1584 He witnessed a bond relating to land in Newington (BL, Add Ch 69342)
1584 He witnessed two deeds relating to land in Newington (BL, Add Ch 69341 & 69343)

Will of William Jacob of Boughton-under-Blean#