Ersatz Reserve Companie des Corps der Westfaelischen Fuss Artillerie, No 7.


A trooper in either the Horse Artillery or Light Cavalry in Denmark ca 1860.



Lieutenant-Colonel Ernst John von Freyend, Adjutant to Field Marshal Willelm Keitel, WWII.


Franzl Harbrich, a despatch rider in the Afrika Korps, 1942.


Ober-Feldwebel Schmidt, leading a detachment at a funeral in Parkfriedhof, Essen.


Unidentified German soldier, WWI.

Walther Ruhrmann in the uniform of the Technische Nothilfe supervising work in Essen.

Detachment of troops in Essen. I believe Ober-Feldwebel Schmidt is amongst them.

1940. Otto Brunkhorst on the far left.

Johann Josef Schneider, in Imperial German Army uniform.
He was great grandfather of Holger Scheiker.

German soldier, whose surname is believed to be 'Kraft'

Lieutenant Wilhelm Meinerzhagen in 1915
(courtesy of his son Lothar Meinerzhagen)

Oberstabsartzt Wilhelm Meinerzhagen in 1940
(courtesy of his son Lothar Meinerzhagen)


Clive Jacob commanding 15 Troop, 112 Battery, 19th S/L, M.D., R.A., September 1939.


Some photographs very kindly supplied by Heinz Henn, New York, USA, in whom the copyright is vested.

Heinz's parents Philip and Bertha Henn, with his step-brother Roland.


Bertha Henn, a Red Cross nurse during the war years.


Heinz's great grandfather Karl Philip Schwindt.

An image of a portrait kindly supplied by Evelyne Boukoff. It was
painted by her ancestor Alexandre Boukoff. The identity of the
sitter is unfortunaterly not known. He is either a member of a line
regiment or one belonging to the East India Company (Chris Seidler).