From Fragmenta Genealogica, Volume 7

Richard Jacob married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Breach of Sunning Aye

John Jacob son of Richard and Elizabeth Jacob was baptized 18th March 1669

My mother Elizabeth Jacob died Dec 1667; buried at Caversham

My father Richard Jacob died Oct 1691; buried at Carevsham

I was ----- to my ----- (sic) of Warborrow in Oxfordshire 17 May 1697

My daughter Mary born 20 Feb 1698

My dear wife died 3 March 1698; buried at Warborrow

Elizabeth Burren born 30 January 1667

I was married to Elizabeth Breach on 30 January 1700

Son John born 16 February about 3 in the afternoon 1701

Son Edward born 18 October about 5 in the morning 1703

Daughter Catherine born 8 April 5 in the morning 1705

Daughter Elizabeth born 10 March 1701

Son Richard born 17 May 1709

Son Richard died 8 December 1710, buried at St Mary's

Daughter Sarah born 17 October at 10 at night 1711

My dear wife Elizabeth died 16 January 1743 aet 75 buried at St Lawrence's church the foot of the grave against the West side of the second window from Fryer Street in the North Passage and about a foot from the seats on the North side, the grave dug 6 foot deep.

Daughter Ann married Thomas Canham of Briston near Holt, County Norfolk, about 12 children

Daughter Mary married John Steen of Little Wittenham in Berkshire, about 2 children

Son John married Mary Wilson of Newbury in the county of Berkshire, 7 children

Daughter Catherine married Noah Knowles of Newbury, son Edward