Listings of English goldsmiths exist. Below a brief listing to which I add names as I come across them; hopefully this will be of some use.

The references given in brackets are from the AALT website. The following link will take you to the index page.



CKS denotes Centre for Kentish Studies. Other references will be explained as they occur.

Kenneth Jacob

Drugo BARANTYN, cit and goldsmith of London, 1399 (CP40/552/84f)
William de BERKYNG, dead by 1366, citizen and goldsmith of London, 1366 London (KB27/421/28)
Giles BERRY, goldsmith, admitted freeman of city of Canterbury by redemption, 1311-1312(CKS: CCA-CC-R/F/4)
William BRETSTEIL, of London (E372/237/86f)
William de BURTON, of London, and Alice his wife, 1361, Surrey (CP40/407/77f & 374f)
John le COKES, 1361, Worcester (CP40/407/98f)
Edmund de CONE, of Canterbury, 1353 (KB27/373/1506f)
John de DONCASTER, 1361, York (CP40/407/378f)
William DOWNE, cit and goldsmith London 1399 (CP40/552/84f)
Robert le FORESTER, goldbeater, of London, 1332 (CP40/190/176d)
Simon le GOLDSMITH of Arundel, Sussex 1334 CP40/297/97f
Robert le GOLDSMITH, of Cambridge, 1348 (KB27/351/1945f)
Henry le GOLDSMITH, 1327, Kent (CP40/268/104f)
Hugh le GOLDSMITH, 1327, Kent (CP40/268/104f)
John GOLDSMITH, goldsmith, of Buntingford, Hereford, 1354 (KB27/377/3631)
Robert the GOLDSMITH of Coventry, Warwick 1323 CP40/247/103f)
John de GRANTHAM of York, 1348 (KB27/351/1732f)
William de GRYMSBY of Luda, 1332 (CP40/288/385d)
Richard de GRYMESTON, goldsmith, Walter Tyler his servant, 1349, York (KB27/357/8899f)
William de HATFELD, goldsmith, 1354 London (KB27/377/3413), 1355 London (CP40/381/8553)
HENRY aurifaber, of Canterbury, alive in 1223 (CKS-LitMs D4)
John HEREWARD of Colchester, 1399 (CP40/522/31f)522/28f)
John de HILTOFT, citizen and goldsmith of London, 1362 (CP40/408/59f)
William de HONYNGHAM, of York, 1361 (CP40/407/378f)
Walter de HORSTEDE, goldsmith, Norfolk, 1354 (KB27/377/3650)
HUGH aurifaber, of Canterbury, fl 1217 (CKS-LitMs D4, Bunce's charters C1175 and C1192)
John HYNDE, citizen and goldsmith of London, dead by 1399 (CP40/552/34f)
Edmund de IPPEGRAVE of London, 1362, Buckingham CP40/407/9f
William Ipgrave, goldsmith, 1370 Middlesex (KB27/440/156)
JOHN son of ROBERT, the moneyer, dead by 1189 (BL: Add Ms 29437, m82d)
JORDAN aurifaber, of Canterbury, he died before 1222 when his daughter Wimore paid 32d relief (CKS-LitMs D4)
Robert LAUNDE,goldsmith, his wife Christina, 1366 London (KB27/421/28)
Richard LAWRENCE, and Edith his wife, of London, 1362 (CP40/408/35f)
John Makenade, citizen and goldsmith of London, 1338 (KB27/313/510)
Robert de NORWICH, citizen and goldsmith of London, Middlesex, 1348 (KB27/351/1918f), Middlesex 1355 (CP40/381/8495 & 8537)
John de PAYNCOYSE, goldsmith of London.
John POTTER of Wynton, goldsmith, 1370 London (KB27/440/20)
Simon atte RAWE de Burgh, goldsmith of London, 1311 (CP40/185/281f)
Henry ROKEHOUSE cit and goldsmith of London (CP40/552/23f) 1399
SALAMON de Almain, goldsmith of Norwich, 1354 (KB27/377/3480f)
Stephen SHARSELL, goldsmith, 1390 Sussex (KB27/515/139f)
Juliane, widow of Richard SHIRBORNE, goldsmith, 1370 Hampshire (KB27/440/19)
Robert de SKECBY of Lincoln, goldsmith 1338 (KB27/313/537)
Simon SMITH, of London (CP40/515/107f)
Galvanus de SOUTHORP, of London, goldsmith of the King; he was also master of the King’s mint in London (Pipe Roll ?, residue Kent 1187)
Robert de STOKES, goldsmith of Norwich, 1354 (KB27/377/3480f)
William STONEHARD, of London (?/684f)
Andrew SYBBE, of Thackstead, goldsmith, 1375 Essex (KB27/456/95f)
TERRY aurifaber, of Canterbury, dead by 1215 when his heirs by Christina de Wincheap paid 9d relief (CKS-LitMs D4)
Theobald de TWITHAM, goldsmith of Canterbury, 1272 (E372/117)
William VANCERE of Hesell, a goldsmith in the town of Boston, Lincoln 1399 (CP40/552/571f)
Thomas de WALPOL', goldsmith of London, 1338 (CP40/313/265)
Richard de WELLE, goldsmith, 1366 Middlesex (KB27/421/46)
Thomas WYGWODE of London, goldsmith, 1370 (CP40/437/2215)
John YERNEMUTH, goldsmith, 1370 London (KB27/440/49)