Born 19th August 1955 -


Robin Jacob

Robin was born at Essen, Germany on 19th August 1955. The family returned to the UK, first to Scotland, subsequently to the South of England. When we moved to London Robin went to Wessex Gardens Primary School, before completing his education at Hendon County Grammar School. On 19th March 1982 he married Angela Vivienne Grant, by whom he has two children, twin boys, Robin and Jamie. The marriage was dissolved in 1986. Angela apparently was the Moneypenny to the head of that dreadful organisation that is based at Millbank in London. We have lost touch with his twin sons.

Robin had gone to live and work in the Phillipines, principally as a film director and producer, although he also initially spent some time producing records. He has now moved to Singapore and has recently married Monette de Vera.


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