Born 28th August 1831 - Died 28th March 1885


He was born in Stockholm, Sweden, 28th August 1831, and died there 28th March 1885. In 1864 he married Wilma Neruda. They had children:

1 Franz Ludvig Eugen, born 18th November 1864, died 10th September 1898.
2 Felix Wilhelm Waldemar, born 24th May 1866.

His wife joined to live with him in Stockholm, but they soon separated.

He was a composer, conductor, pianist and music teacher. He ranks amongst the most important of Swedish Symphonists in the 19th century. He studied at the Leipzig Conservatory from 1848 to 1852, where he also made the acquaintance of Robert Schumann. Starting in 1857 he taught at the Royal Music Academy of Stockholm . In 1861 he obtained the post of Kapellmeister at the Royal Swedish Opera.