Born 31st March 1841 - Died 22nd February 1936



The son of Joseph Wyatt, he was born 31st March 1841, died on 22nd February 1936. On 19th February 1868 he married Elizabeth Isabella, daughter of Bishop Robert Caldwell of South India. She was born 1st October 1847 and died 7th February 1933. They had children:

1 Emily Mabel, born in 1869, died 14th July 1923. On 21st July 1890 she married Colonel Stephen Lushington Aplin, born 17th October 1863.
2 Lilian Elizabeth, born 16th October 1870, died 20th February 1971. She married 1 Arthur Barton (1864-1871), and 2 Colonel Archie Douglas.
3 Pauline Clara, born 25th May 1872. On 27th August 1884 she married Claud William Jacob.
4 Louisa Isabella, who died young.
5 Colonel Ernest Robert Caldwell, born 27th April 1880, died 31st March 1956. On 1s October 1908 he married Barbara Elizabeth Booker.
6 Colonel Francis Joseph Caldwell, born 7th July 1882, died 5th May 1971. On 9th June 1910 he married Maud Clara Tate (1888-1967).
7 Bertie Wyatt.

He was a missionary in Southern India in the period 1867 - 1898, subsequently becoming rector of Brandon, Suffolk.