Baptized 31st January 1807 - Buried 16th March 1853


The eldest son of John Howe and Mary Heron, he was baptized 31st January 1807, and buried 16th March 1853. On 26th September 1837 he married Eliza(beth) Anne, the eldest daughter of Thomas Patterson (1775-1835), farmer of Grey Abbey, and Elizabeth Patterson (1786-1853). They had children:

1 William Francis, of Ballytrim, baptized 16th September 1838, and died 15th May 1892.
2 Thomas Scrope Howe, of Cromlyn Lodge, Hillsborough, baptized 22nd January 1840, and died 13th December 1898.
3 Mary Heron, baptized 22nd May 1841, and died 3rd January 1930. On 20th May 1871 she married Hercules Bradshaw Moorhead.

John Henry Howe was agent and receiver for the Clandeboye Estate (1839-1840), sole agent to Lord Dufferin (1847), J.P. (1847).

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Pedigree compiled by Dr T.G.B. Howe