Born 14th July 1856 - Died 19th January 1928



He was born at Forsbeck in Roesrath on 14th July 1856, and died on 19th January 1928. He was a son of Anna Sophia Sieglar, who I must assume was illegitimate.Heinrich married Henriette Lennartz on 21st January 1886. She was the daughter of Peter Josef Lennartz and Eleanore Meures, both of Neustadt bei Sittard in Holland. She was born on 18th August 1865, and died on 27th January 1929.

They had a number of children:

1 Eleanore (known as Elli)
2 Maria Hubertina, born at Essen on 1st August 1890. She married Walther Johanes Ruhrmann.
3 Constanze. She died of the flu epidemic which swept through Europe in the 1920. She had a daughter.
4 Heinrich.
5 Josef Jakob.
6 Max. He was an engineer specialising in the construction of bridges, and died in a concentration camp for assisting some of his forced labour imposed on him.
7 Willhelm (known as Willi). He married Lene Mai.

I have childhood memories of my great uncles Heinrich and Willi, as also of my great aunt Elli. They were all very kind and patient, and talented.



Ahnentafel and other ancillary documents (Jacob MSS)