Books written by and relating to John Jacob

Extracted from A Jacob Bibliography by Kenneth Jacob


A few words on General Jacob’s scheme for reorganisation of the Indian Armies. (vide Major W. Martin).
1858. 12o. BL 8828 aa 21

General John Jacob... Founder of Jacobabad (with a portrait),
by Alexander Innes Shand. X, p320.illustrated, adverts. London: Seeley and Co.
Ltd., 38 Great Russel Street. 1900.8o. BL 010817 de 20.

Another copy RHO 909 r 107
x; 320p; front; plates; ports; map; 23 cm;
London: Seeley and co, 1900.

General John Jacob... Founder of Jacobabad
by Alexander Innes Shand 1900
1st Pakistani edition 1978, limited to 250 copies.
Xx, p320, Published by Nisa Traders, 7-Jinnah Cloth
Market, Quetta ( Pakistan ). Printed by Shaukat Ali,
Bukhari Printing Press, Paisa Akhbar, Lahore. 8o.

The Bengal Army and Furlough Regulations, with
a view to their improvement. By a Bombay Officer
( J J ). Reprinted from the edition of 1851 with corrections.
London: 1857. 8o. BL 8022 c 53.

Letters to a Lady on the progress of being in the universe.
London: 1858. 12o. BL 8705 c 23.

Memoir of the first campaign in the hills north of
Cutchee, under Major Billamore in 1839-40. By one
of his surviving subalterns (J. Jacob).
1852. (vide T R Billamore). 12o. BL 9056 c 14.

Observations on a scheme for the reorganisation of the
India Army.

London: Smith, Elder and Co., 1857. 8o. BL 8828 bb 46.

Record Book of the Scinde Irregular Horse etc.
2 volumes. Folio. 1853, 1856. BL 8824 h 10.

John Jacob of Jacobabad... by Hugh T Lambrik (with a portrait).
London: Cassel and Co. Ltd., 1960. 8o. BL 10818 pp 15.

Another copy INDIN 30 E 125
2nd edition; xiii; 465p; (26) leaves of plates
(2 fold); ill; 23 cm; Karachi, New York:
Oxford University Press, 1975.

John Jacob of Jacobabad... by Hugh T Lambrik
( with a portrait ). 2nd edition. Oxford in Asia modern
series historical reprints. Karachi: Oxford University
Press, 1975. Printed in Pakistan by Civil and
Military Press Ltd., Karachi. Published by Oxford
University Press, Merewether Tower, I I Chundrigar
Road, Karachi.

Remarks on the native troops of the Indian Army &c
Bombay: The Times Press. 1854. 8o. BL 8831 b 15 (1)

Replies by Brigadier General John Jacob.... to questions
regarding the reorganisation of the Indian Army.
Bombay. 1858. 8o. BL 8826 ff 5

Rifle Practise etc.
1st edition, London: 1855. 8o BL 8827 e 5

2nd edition, London: 1856. 8o. BL 8827 e 3

Another copy CU Bbb.23.29(9)
2nd edition. London: Smith elder & Co.
Bombay: Smith Taylor & Co., 1856.
63p; (2); leaves of plates (1 folded); ill;
tables; 21 cm.

3rd edition, London: 1857. 8o. BL 8827 e 4.

4th edition, London: 1858. 8o. BL 8827 e 2.

Tracts on the native army of India, its organisation
and discipline (reprinted) with notes by the author.
London: 1857. 8o. BL 8022 c 54.

Reprinted by Smith, Elder & Co. London: 1858. 8o. BL 08821 ee 49

The views and opinions of... John Jacob... collected
and edited... by L. Pelly.
Bombay: 1858. 8o. BL 8023 d 37.

2nd edition. London: 1858. BL 8023 d 38.

Another copy LC 22025494
2nd edition. London: Smith, Elder & Co,,1858.
xviii; 1 I; 467 (1)p; illus, 2 fold pl; 24 cm.

Another copy HA 005438565
2nd edition.

Remarks on a pamphlet published in 1849 on the
deficiency of European Officers in the Indian Army.

Papers on Silidar Cavalry.
Privately printed in India 1848.
The present condition of the Bengal native HA 005439098
army considered with a view to its improvement.
London: (s.n.) 1851
34p; 21 cm.

Remarks on Sir C. Napier’s posthumous work on
the defects of the Government of India.

London: 1854.

On the causes of the defects in our army.
London 1855

Remarks on an article in the Calcutta Review
March 1846 entitled ‘Hints on irregular cavalry’.

Privately printed in India 1847.

Letters on the Persian war and on the frontier
arrangements of our Indian empire.

Printed for private and confidential use only by Smith
and Elder & Co., London, 1857.

Memoirs on Sind JACOB
edited by R Hughes Thomas with an introduction
by Prof. Mahmudul Hasan siddiqi, selections from
the records of the Bombay Government.
2 vols, first edition 1855, this edition 1979.
Karachi: Karimsons. 774pp, app further 77pp.

Jacob’s Town, Jacobabad. HA 008394920
Compiled by Ghulam Nabi Sadhayo.
1st edition. Jacobabad: District Historical
Society, 1994.
a-d; 157p; ill; 20 cm.