Born - Died


A son of Albert Pim, he married Winifred Ruth, daughter of Charles Edwin Jacob, on 23rd February 1925. They had children:

1 Sylvia Caroline, born 29th June 1927, and died 12th March 1928.
2 Brian Samuel, born 11th June 1929. In 1959 he married Vivienne M Scoller. They have children..
3 David Albert, born 11th June 1931. In 1962 he married Jean M Inglis. They have children.
4 Elizabeth Joy, born 8th August 1934.
5 Charles Jonathon, born 15th October 1936. In 1963 he married Mary L Lee. They have children.
6 Alan Christopher Knightly, born 1st June 1939. In 1963 he married Susan H Johnson. They have children.