Born - Died in 1552


A son of Nicholas Jacob alias Bradlaugh, he was born ca 1516, and died in 1552. By his wife Thomasin he had children:

1 Robert, born after 1531
2 John, died in 1564. 8 Eliz

On 16th October 1545 he was appointed Yeoman of the Queen's Chamber, in place of Thomas Barnes, deceased, the Queen being Katherine Parr, Henry VIII's sixth and last wife. In his will, which is dated 20th August 1551, he describes himself as Serjeant-at-Arms to King Henry VIII. He wills to be buried in the church of Sibton. He made numerous bequests, monetary and otherwise to members of his family, friends and servants. He left his lands in Sibton, both freehold and copyhold, and of which he and his wife were jointly enfeoffed, after her decease to his son Robert. In 29 Henry VIII, when aged 22, he owed rent for a tenement in Sibton which was late his father's (Kelsale Court Roll). He also held land in Peasenhall (Kelsale Court Roll).

He was re-admitted in E Edward VI to premises to which he had earlier been admitted. He died in 5 Edward VI when his copyhold lands were given to his widow Thomasine (Kelsale Court Roll).

His widow Thomasin had married Robert Gardiner by 12 Elizabeth I.


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