Born 31st May 1858 - Died 12th September 1942



A surgeon, he married Muriel Henrietta, the eldest daughter of Major-General William Jacob, at Newton Abbot, Devon, in 1884. They had children:

1 Lestock Wilson Swinton, born 16th August 1885
2 Reginald Boultbee, born 6th September 1886
3 Clarence Beaufort, born 14th January 1892, died 2nd March 1979.
4 Muriel Isabel Blakeway, born 6th February 1900

Lestock Wetherley Cockburn was born a son of John Peter Wilson at Doonybrook, Dublin, Ireland on 31st May 1858. His mother was Sarah Louisa Blakeway. He died at Oak Bay, British Columbia, Canada on 12th September 1942. At some stage he changed his name to Cockburn. In 1862, aged 2, he was to be found at his grandparent's home in England. In 1822 aged 22, he was a medical student. In 1891 he was living in Hamilton City, Ontario, as he was in 1901, when he was described as a doctor; with him were his wife and four children. In 1914 the family intended to leave Canada to live in England, but 1921 sees him, his wife and his daughter Muriel returning to Canada. In 1929 he again wanted to move back to England, but in 1933 he returned to live in Canada as a retired physician.


Research done and information supplied by Jenny Hardy.