Born February 1858 - Died



A son of Major-General Herbert Jacob, he was born in February 1858. In 1891 he married Felicia Rodriguez, whose father had had a sugar plantation in the West Indies. They had children:

1 Esme Marie, born 2nd April 1893. She married Xavier Kessler. They had children Peter (born in 1921) and Doris (born in 1927).
2 Doris Dunsterville, born 25th July 1894, died in 1928. She married Arthur Weekley, a barrister.
3 Marjorie Felicie, born 14th October 1897, died in 1979
4 Rita Florence, born 3rd March 1901, died in 1978. Rita married Sam Squire on 6th April at Oundle.

Felicie Rodriguez

Felicia died in 1952.

John emigrated to New Zealand where he turned to sheep farming. His health deteriorated and he had to return to England. For a fuller account of his life read the account written by his grand-daughter Rachel Legrand MacDonald. Please click HERE.

Doris Esme married Hans Ernie, the Swiss painter, born 21st February 1909, died 21st March 2015.